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Mike Barela

Every now and then a sound comes along that makes you stop and say, "Who's that?" I heard that sound when I first heard Mike Barela play guitar. At the time I met him he was with Mariachi Estrella of Kingsville, Texas. He was playing "harmonias," the steady beat of mariachi guitar. After the gig, I was formally introduced to him and he showed me some of his lead guitar prowess.

Mike's musical influences are diverse and reflect the best of late 20th Century music. These influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and B.B. King. This added to his West Texas roots, make Mike is a lead guitar player's musician.

Mike was the first guitar player that came to mind when we need to fill the position back in 2001. He fit right in and added several key songs to the Carrales Showband playlist. His upbeat version of "Jalisco" drives the gigs and attest to his fabulous guitar playing ability. He also has been working with my dad to add several "Carlos Santana" like songs to our normal gig sheet.

Mike's Favorite songs include "Black Majic Woman," "Texas Flood," "Little Wing" and the "Thrill is Gone." Mike's favorite song that has been arranged for our concerts is the band song "Triste Recuerdos."

Mike Barela Bandography

Alpine, Texas
Mojo-A blues Rock Band-Electric Guitar
Black Sheep- A blues Rock Band- Bass, Electric Guitar
Mariachi De La Paz- Vihuela

Kingsville, Texas
Mariachi Estrella- Lead Guitar, Harmonias
Mariachi Sin Causa- Lead Guitar, Harmonias

Premont, Texas
THE CARRALES SHOWBAND- Variety Showband- Lead Guitarist