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Q: Who are the members of the Carrales Showband and what do they play?

A: The Carrales Showband has a wide variety of instruments, including some that are not usually played together. The musical arranger and bass player of the group is Joe Ely Carrales. He puts together the musical arrangements and sets the direction for the band. The lead singer and stage director of the band is Joe Ely Carrales, III know as "El Mariachi Loco." In addition to singing, he also plays the violin, trombone and banjo. The lead trumpet player is Anthony Carrales. Called the "Genius of Brass," Anthony plays the fluglehorn, cornet, trombone, valve trombone and mellophone. Ruben Hernandez is a reknowned trumpet player from Asherton, Texas. A.k.a."Superman," Ruben is an acomplished singer and guitar player. On Mellophone is the talented Felix Adan of Premont, Texas. Felix is also the heart of the Percussion section. Lead guitar is the wizzardry of Mike Barela. Mike is well versed in guitar and is Mr, "Majic Goldfingers."

Q: What kind of music does the Carrales Showband play?

A: Most of the songs are requests made by people that attend Carrales Showband concerts. Fan fill out a small slip of paper at the start of the gig and a "to learn" list is made. From this list, the song that is judged to be the "most easy" is selected and worked on for the next performance.

Q: Where can I hear the Carrales Showband?

A: The best way to hear the group is to book the band. Call (361) 348-2692 for details. The Carrales Showband also plays monthly at the Main Street Cafe in Premont, Texas. Call the Main Street Cafe at (361) 348-3226.

Q: What songs are on the Carrales Showband playlist?

A: To list all the songs here at this time would take more time and space than is available, but that list includes "Tijuana Taxi," "Tu, Tu y Solo Tu," "Solamente Una Vez," "Folsom Prison Blues," "16 Candles" and "Cumbia Del Sol." A more complete list will be posted here very soon.